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Extra-curricular Activities

The Rutherford School prides itself on offering an extensive list of extra-curricular programs and activities that will ensure a higher level of thinking


Our students belong to various clubs / organizations and are involved in different competitions throughout the school year. Some examples include:

  • Math League – Series of contests and competitions covering all grades and levels of math.
  • Science Fairs – Students present  self-created science projects related to contemporary problems
  • Robotics Competitions – Competitions judging various robotics engineering projects created by students.
  • Business Leadership (DECA) – Designed to prepare students for all aspects of the business world.
  • Sport Judo – Our Judo programs offer a safe environment for each Judoka to compete
  • Dance studio with International Style Standard and International Style Latin.
  • Brain Training Program – Our designed mental workouts enhance the health and function of the brain.
  • Internet marketing – Students will be engaged in developing their own business idea and website, while trying to generate income


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