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High School Credits

Times have changed! 

High-school students are choosing to take online schooling more than ever. Enrolling in our online courses will help by:

  • Getting higher marks in difficult courses through personalized attention

  • Taking difficult courses like Grade 12 English or any of the required Grade 12 University Math / Science courses
  • Gaining more knowlege and recieving higher marks!
  • Having eye-to-eye contact with their Online Teachers

  • Experiencing a real school environment that can be accessed anywhere and anytime

  • Chance of early acceptance to University is higher since you can complete prerequisites sooner

    • Students can take a Grade 11 course 1st Semester and the Grade 12 match right after

  • Being able to better plan around their busy schedule (whether it is extracurriculars, another passion or a part-time job)

  • If you start with us in Grade 9 and take one online course each year, you can graduate in 3 years, instead of 4



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