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Accelerated Secondary School Program

The Accelerated Secondary School program provides students with the opportunity to graduate one-year earlire than in public schools. This program gives students the flexibility of completing their secondary school studies in three years as opposed to the regular four.  Two options are available, and the University/College pathway will depend on the program path and focus selected.

Accelerated Secondary School Program Options:

Option A: 1 + 2 years
  Our students get accepted to their first-choice University by getting personal attention and guidance

  The graduates from Rutherford Private School will obtain high-paying jobs and also an extra-year's salary if they take our personalized accelerated program

  • 9th Grade is completed at a different high-school
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade are all completed at Rutherford Private School (including some night class / online credits)
Although not as rigorous as Option B, this program gives students the knowledge required and guarantee of acceptance into a prestigious Canadian College. To apply for this program, students must demonstrate a high-work ethic in the 2 years they plan to spend at our school.

Option B: 3 years at Rutherford Private School
  • 9th and 10th grade are completed in the first 3 semesters ( 1 year and a half)
  • 11th & 12th Grade are completed in the remaining 3 semesters (another year and half)
Option B is considered a top-tier program, and guarantees acceptance into a Prestigious Canadian University of the student's choice. It will also include a mixture of night classes, summer school courses or online course completions based on the schedule of each student.

Regardless of the option you choose, all students selected for our accelerated program are educated by Ministry Approved Teachers, who exceed set forth standards by the Ontario Board of Education. Make Rutherford School your stepping stone to your post-secondary school education. We are so confident in your success that we guarantee your acceptance into a prestigious post-secondary education.

Start Dates

September 6th and January 23rd

*Different start dates can be accommodated with advance notice.

**Please refer to the Fees Page for a complete list of fees.

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Official member

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